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  What problems should rust stone manufacturers pay attention to when using adhesive? Rust stone is a kind of relatively high-quality stone, but it is difficult to avoid handling or using this or that problem in the process. For example, crack adhesive is one of the stone installation methods. The remaining stone on the surface, the combination of adhesive and aging effect, and the relaxation effect of stone cementation minerals, make the stone internal relax, and the surface is easy to peel off, so as to accelerate Aged stone. So what should we pay attention to when using rusty stone glue?
  1. 施工温度不得低于5℃。在冬天,可以适当加热,提高表面温度。
  1. The construction temperature shall not be lower than 5 ℃. In winter, it can be properly heated to increase the surface temperature.
  2. The chemical substances or oil stains on the stone surface shall be cleaned and kept dry.
  3. The current glue is ready to use, and the amount of glue should not be too much; the temperature is low, the amount of glue is small, the use time is long, and the curing time is long; on the contrary, the curing time is short.
  4. 不要混合取胶工具。混合后不要将剩余的胶水放回原包装。
  4. Do not mix the glue taking tools. Do not put the remaining glue back into the original packaging after mixing.
  5. 在冬季,如果粘着剂粘度较高,也可以将粘着剂(A)置于40-80℃的水浴中,以降低粘着剂的粘度。但是,加热后的胶粘剂必须冷却到40℃以下才能加入固化剂(B)。
  5. In winter, if the viscosity of the adhesive is high, the adhesive (a) can also be placed in a 40-80 ℃ water bath to reduce the viscosity of the adhesive. However, the heated adhesive must be cooled to below 40 ℃ before adding curing agent (b).
  6. After the surface coating extrudes excess glue, other rusty stones can be used before curing.
  7. Due to the physical and chemical properties of stone, please try in advance to avoid mistakes. Do not mix the front cover and back cover. Do not enter.
  8. Advocate the principle of how much to use. Use it now and for as long as it's available. The more ingredients or the higher the construction temperature, the shorter the use time.
  Rusty stone manufacturers can use adhesives to restore the stone's new life, but the use of adhesives should be appropriate, not the wrong way. I hope the above questions will help you. If you don't know anything, you can call us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!
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