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  How to deal with the color difference of large area rust stone in Shandong rust stone factory? Because the rust stone in Shandong is a natural color, the quality and quality of color determine the pigment particles and internal structure of stone. The different forms of stone composed of different minerals in the same time series will also affect its color change, leading to color difference.
  The color difference caused by long-term use is suggested to use color preservative, also known as wet color agent and preservative. As the color is not easy to fade, it is recommended to conduct sample test first to confirm the effect of large-area construction.
  At present, there are many ways of stone coloring at home and abroad, but most of them need special equipment or places, which is not very practical. It is a good method. It is simple and convenient to use stone dyestuff for dyeing, and the effect is remarkable. However, once the rust stone in Shandong is removed, it is not easy to dye, because it is better to build by professional technicians, so as to avoid unnecessary loss.
  1. 表面应定期清洁,主要是清除表面的污垢、油污、灰尘等污染物,因为这些污染物很容易导致表面颜色的变化。
  1. The surface should be cleaned regularly, mainly to remove the surface dirt, oil, dust and other pollutants, because these pollutants are easy to cause the change of surface color.
  2. 在固化过程中,应合理选择优质、、中性、安全的固化剂。
  2. In the curing process, the high-quality, efficient, neutral and safe curing agent should be selected reasonably.
  3. Before curing, it is necessary to consider whether to use full-functional curing agent, for example, the same curing agent has multiple functions, so it is not necessary to worry about whether the curing can achieve the protective effect.
  4. 定期打开窗户使房间通风。这将驱散房间里的湿气。
  4. Open the windows regularly to ventilate the room. This will disperse the moisture in the room.
  5 .一旦发现表面有油渍、茶渍等要及时清理。
  5. In case of any oil stain or tea stain on the surface, it shall be cleaned in time.
  6. 山东锈石表面长期不得铺地毯。正确的方法是定期清理地毯。
  6. Shandong rust stone surface shall not be carpeted for a long time. The right way is to clean the carpet regularly.
  7. 长期不受紫外线直接照射,保持山东铁锈表面光泽
  7. Keep the surface luster of rust in Shandong Province without direct ultraviolet radiation for a long time
  8. 一点是要定期使石材表面涂上固化剂,这样可以很好的保护石材,并能保持山东锈石表面的长期光泽。
  8. The last point is to regularly coat the stone surface with curing agent, which can protect the stone well and keep the long-term luster of Shandong rust stone surface.
  Because the luster of natural Shandong rust has beautiful patterns and colors, it can bring us a certain sense of enjoyment. Once there is no reasonable maintenance, it will fade and lose the original color, so the natural charm will slowly lose, so daily maintenance is necessary.
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