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  Rust stone is widely used in our life, and it is favored by many consumers with its excellent decorative effect. Many friends will use sealant in the use process, so what's the role? Shandong rust stone factory will give you a detailed description:
  First of all, the role of rust stone sealant is very large, mainly to protect Shandong yellow rust stone, not the invasion of pollutants, because all kinds of water-based, oil-based dirt through these small pores easily rust stone, time often affects its brightness, decoration effect is greatly reduced, the emergence of sealant is a administrator to prevent stone dyeing and maintain luster.
  There are all kinds of sealants on the market, some of which can not be used for some yellow rust. The sealant will directly block the pores of yellow rust stone, cause the death of internal bacteria, and make the internal water and water unable to flow, without timely and correct removal, the surface color of yellow rust stone will be dark.
  First of all, the foundation of rust stone water bowl should be stable. In general, the diameter of the foundation shall be larger than that of the base of the rust stone water bowl. The fountain sculpture should have a base in the middle of the pool. You can put a concrete or stone base of the right size. The water tank sculpture is placed and installed one layer by one. In the center of the circular hole, each layer is measured with a super ruler. The base and birdbath can be fixed with cement or Hercules glue.
  In the process of installation, we must choose professional technicians, because there are many manufacturers in the market, we must learn to distinguish the quality of the method, so as to ensure good installation effect.
  The above is the introduction of Shandong rust stone manufacturer to you about the function of rust stone sealant. I hope that the above introduction can have some substantive help. If you want to know more information, you can directly notice our company's website: we will continue to update relevant information in the future.
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