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  山东黄锈石色差的识别与维护,锈石道路的多样性,装饰时我们还有更多选择。 选择时必须掌握选择技巧:山东黄锈石具有一定的色差,在选择时必须谨慎,有色差的原因有几个:石材的块料来自初的开采 来自不同矿坑或不同级别的矿层; 加工后的石材代号不按块的数量和批号; 未按照供应商提供的代码清单和批号进行石材摊铺。
  Shandong yellow rust stone color difference identification and maintenance, rust road diversity, decoration, we have more choices. Selection skills must be mastered: Shandong yellow rust stone has a certain color difference, it must be carefully selected, there are several reasons for the color difference: stone blocks from the original mining from different pits or different levels of mining; processed stone codes do not according to the number and batch number of blocks; not according to the code list and batch number provided by the supplier for stone paving.
  高质量的光滑黄色防锈石材被认为是外墙干挂的石材类型。 面条和荔枝表面加工过的铺路石和景观石是景观设计师的。 防锈石的抛光表面特别漂亮,显示出奢华和高贵,并且耐磨性极高,受到了大多数欧美客户的青睐。 但是,防锈石的缺点也比较明显。 大规模生产中可能会出现色差,从而影响装饰的整体效果。 要特别注意挂有锈石的干墙。
  High quality smooth yellow rust-proof stone is considered to be the preferred type of stone for dry hanging of exterior walls. Noodles and litchi surface processed paving stones and landscape stones are the first choice of landscape designers. The polished surface of rust-proof stone is particularly beautiful, showing luxury and nobility, and has high wear resistance, which is favored by most European and American customers. However, the shortcomings of rust-proof stone are also obvious. Color difference may appear in large-scale production, thus affecting the overall effect of decoration. Special attention should be paid to dry walls with rusty stones.
  如何正确保养黄锈石? 正确的保养方法是在石材的光泽度不超过保养措施的恢复能力之前使用保养程序。 维护后,光泽恢复率基本可以达到原来的水平,使石材持久耐用,并且可以更好的使用状态,例如使用抛光粉再生大理石或花岗岩表面。
  How to maintain yellow rust correctly? The correct maintenance method is to use the maintenance procedure before the gloss of the stone does not exceed the restoring capacity of the maintenance measures. After maintenance, the gloss recovery rate can basically reach the original level, making the stone durable, and can be used in a better state, such as using polishing powder to regenerate marble or granite surface.
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