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  How to control the color of yellow rust stone in Shandong Province. Yellow rust stone in Shandong Province is not stink and black spot, rust and rust are more and more popular. Because yellow rust stone belongs to natural granite, there may be different color differences in large-scale production, affecting the overall decoration effect, so the overall layout should choose appropriate color layout. So how to control the color difference when we choose yellow rust stone technology? Let's talk about this
  1. First of all, try to choose rust stone with the same color in Shandong rust spot, which can reduce the color difference from the source, but the cost will increase relatively.
  2. 在外墙增加装饰带层,人工配色。如不同颜色的锈石搭配,不同的加工工艺,不同的材料搭配(玻璃金属板等等),可以形成层次感,改变节奏,增加美观程度。
  2. Add decorative belt layer on the outer wall, and color manually. For example, different colors of rust stone, different processing technology, different materials (glass metal plate, etc.) can form a sense of hierarchy, change the rhythm, and increase the aesthetic degree.
  3. Try to use dry hanging on the surface of Shandong rust stone. The smooth surface of Shandong lactite has strong refraction light and high reflectivity, which can form the change of floodlight, impact on vision and reduce the color difference of vision.
  4. 根据装饰面积的大小,装饰材料的搭配,建筑的特点,设计师的经验,选择大板或小板,也可以控制色差。
  4. According to the size of the decoration area, the collocation of the decoration materials, the characteristics of the building, and the experience of the designer, the color difference can also be controlled by selecting large or small boards.
  According to many aspects of the air filter to choose color, in the choice of color to pay attention to the above four precautions, you can choose a good, beautiful yellow rust stone decorative materials.
  In conclusion, we introduced how to control the color of yellow rust stone in Shandong Province. If you want to know more about Shandong yellow rust stone, you can leave us a message. Of course, if you want to know more about Shandong yellow rust stone, you can go to our website to learn about Shandong yellow rust stone.
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