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  Sand blasting method is used for rust removal of Shandong quartz sand: compressed air is used to blast the surface of a certain size of spray gun for corrosion and expansion. Moreover, the surface treatment process of painting, coating and electroplating is fast. For example, the surface can be cleaned through sand blasting, and the surface has certain roughness requirements, so as to improve the part of the covering layer and adhesion strength.
  山东锈石常用的喷砂除锈方法有干喷砂、湿喷砂、无尘喷砂和高压水喷砂。干喷砂除尘,环保,危害健康;湿处理虽然没有灰尘,但水会使表面再次生锈。防止的方法是在水中加入1% ~ 15%的防锈剂(磷酸钠、碳酸钠、亚硝酸钠等)和乳化剂或肥皂水,使其表面在短时间内不再生锈,然后涂上保养底漆。
  The common sand blasting methods of Shandong rust stone are dry sand blasting, wet sand blasting, dust-free sand blasting and high-pressure water sand blasting. Dry sand blasting dust removal, environmental protection, harm to health; wet treatment although there is no dust, but water will make the surface rust again. The prevention method is to add 1% - 15% antirust agent (sodium phosphate, sodium carbonate, sodium nitrite, etc.) and emulsifier or soapy water to the water, so that the surface will not rust in a short time, and then apply the maintenance primer.
  Shandong antirust sand blasting is a continuous cycle of sand blasting, sand collection and sand collection in a closed system to avoid flying dust. High pressure water sandblasting is mainly used for large area derusting, such as hull, oil tank, boiler, etc. water is often added as passivator and soapy water.
  目前,大多数消费者所能承受的黄锈石单价并不高,店面租金的增加导致利润的减少。近年来为了打造体验店,yellow rust stone品牌也开始扎根于建材店外人流密集的购物中心,店铺租金水平远高于店铺租金水平。因此,实体店的生存风险相对较大。相比之下,如今越来越多的人选择专业的电子商务平台,风险更低,渠道更广,展示效果更佳,可以突破时间和空间的限制,这自然是一个合理的发展趋势。
  At present, the price of yellow rust stone that most consumers can bear is not high, and the increase of store rent leads to the decrease of profit. In recent years, in order to build an experience store, yellow rust stone brand has also begun to take root in the shopping center with dense flow of people outside the building materials store, and the rent level of the store is far higher than that of the store. Therefore, the survival risk of physical stores is relatively large. In contrast, nowadays more and more people choose professional e-commerce platform, which has lower risk, wider channels and better display effect. It can break through the limitation of time and space, which is a reasonable development trend.
  In the physical stores, there have been many news about the withdrawal or closing of brand stores. "This doesn't mean there is a bad trend in the yellow rust industry," said one industry veteran. This further means that in the first tier cities to develop yellow rust offline stores need to be very cautious. " She said that the type, quantity and display of yellow rust stone products are very important for brand development.
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